I was born in Mandaluyong City, Philippines in 1972.  I lived in Manila until age 14 and moved to Chicago, IL in September of 1986 and have lived here since.  I attended all of my early and grade school in Manila and completed my high school in Illinois.  
I got married in 2006 to a great guy, Jun.  We also had an unforgettable church wedding in the Philippines in November of the following year.  We currently reside in IL with my parents.  

I absolutely LOVE and TREASURE my family!!!  They are one of my most important treasures... That is why being the eldest cousin is VERY important to me!!!  It matters to me to know that all of us gets along and that there's no unnecessary misunderstanding that happens between us.  I'm just so glad that we are all close, even if there's distance between all of us.  Sure there's rifts, every now and then, that's normal, but I'm proud that we're able to patch things up quick.
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Since I was little, I've had only one idol - JULIE VEGA, whose real name is DARLING PEARL POSTIGO.  She passed away way too early but she left her supporters with a lot of memories, and a lot of her wonderfu and unforgettable work.  I was very fortunate to have gotten the chance to meet her in person at least once before she passed.  That was surely one special moment.
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I'm very proud to have been a fan of Shawn Michaels, for 22 years now.  I've learned so much from him, over the years.  Since I started watching him, he's taught me so much about being independent, and believing in myself, and for that, I will always be grateful to him.  I was so glad that I got to see him LIVE before he retired.  Although I never got to "meet" him, someday I still hope to, seeing him do what he loves to do, is more than enough.
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An actor that I have yet to meet but is inspiring me is Richard Faulkerson, Jr, known in Philippine Showbiz as Alden Richards. 

He is hard working, a loving son, brother and Grandson.  He is GOD fearing.  He ALWAYS puts his family FIRST!!!  He treats his supporters as friends, and despite his very busy schedule, he does take time to spend with his supporters.  And the one thing that I truly love about him is how, he has remained so very HUMBLE, even if he's reached the peak of his career already.  He doesn't let his success get to his head, and change the way that he is!!
As for my hobbies, I enjoying listening to music, singing.  I enjoy collecting special edition Barbie dolls and collecting dolls/figurines on Gone With the Wind's Scarlett O'Hara ... lately this has been my favorite thing to do :)  At first, I didn't really intend to collect the dolls, I just wanted to have a Collectible Filipino Barbie doll - it was my first Barbie doll that I bought when I was in Manila. After a while, I started to enjoy looking at them and I liked how beautiful and amazing each doll looked... and so the collection grew to where it is now :)

The Snowflake Wishes Champagne Flutes is an interesting collection.  It's a 10 year collection, and so far, we're up to 7 flutes, so there's 3 more years.  It's exciting because every year, I look forward to seeing what the current year's flute is!!!

In 2008, when I went home to the Philippines, I was told - 

That not very nice comment, from someone I cared about before.  I didn't appreciate this very rude comment at all!!! If you're out there and seeing this, do you remember telling me this.... Shame on you!!!   This has become incentive enough to get slim again!!!

My resume:

phone number

Knowledge of data entry work. Motivated, capable of working independently and
self directed. Have experience with cash handling.

Work History  

2004-2016  Accounts Payable Data Entry Clerk, Metroplex, Inc
* Invoice Data Entry 
* Filed voided checks
* Reconciled invoices
*Match/mailed checks
*Managed, created excel spreadsheet and filed W9s
*Assisted in reception area, when needed

2002-2003  Senior Teller, Hawthorne Credit Union

*Assisting members with transactions
*Opening and closing branch
*Balancing the ATM and assisting in balancing vault

1999-2002  Teller/Member Service Representative, DuPage Credit Union

*Helping members with their transactions.
*Assisting members with problems with their accounts both in person and over the phone
*Handling and balancing of cash drawer.
*Balancing the ATM
*Open new accounts
*Processes loan applications. Enter the member information in the system

1997-1999  Teller II/Senior Teller, LaSalle Bank

*Helping customers with transactions.
*Assisted customers with problems with account both in person or over the phone
*Daily balancing of teller cash drawer.
*Daily balancing of the bank’s cash vault.
*Balancing of the ATM

1995-1997  Bank Teller, West Suburban Bank

*Helping customers with transaction

*Daily balancing of cash drawer             *Daily balancing of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM)      
*Had some experience in handling and daily balancing of the bank’s cash vault
*Filed paperwork for Large Currency Transactions
*Filed bank checks

1990-1995  File Clerk/Accounts Payable Clerk, Metroplex, Inc.

*Filing employee time sheets
*Typing out checks 
*Make photocopies
*Accounts payable data entry
*Sorting and Mailing checks
*Filed invoices
*Data entry


1990-1992  Joliet Junior College
                    Joliet, IL
                      Nursing major

1986-1990  Bolingbrook High School
                    Bolingbrook, IL
                      General Courses, First and Second Honors

Bank Security training
Safety Deposit training
Teller Mentor Training

Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 3.1, Database, Word
Processing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power Point

in hard copy of resume

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