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AlDub -
Alden Richards and
Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub)
Accidentally paired in Eat Bulaga's Juan For All, All For Juan... Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (also known as Yaya Dub) has clicked with so many people the world over. AlDub was born on 16 July, 2015, EB's Kalye Serye was created and the rest they say is history!!! 

Their chemistry on screen is unbelievable, and I love that they are friends off screen!!! That and both of their positive outlooks on life, their love for their fans and the fact that both of them have remained so VERY humble and down to earth, despite the fame and all of the accolades that they're both receiving, are the reason that so many people, not only in the Philippines, but all over the world, have loved and supported them.


Both joining Eat Bulaga's cast in 2015, Alden Richards appeared as a host of various segments, such as "That's My Bae" portion; while Mendoza originally appeared as Yaya Dub in the show's portion "Problem Solving."  During the first few months of "KalyeSerye," they exclusively interacted through the show's split screen frame, the AlDub couple's main communication is through lip synching audio clips from popular songs, films and TV series.  After they personally met in September 2015 and Yaya Dub was later allowed to speak, the couple's interaction is no longer limited to split screen and lip-synching.


In 18 April, 2015, Alden Richards, who had finished filming the miniseries "Illustrado" (2014), was invited to join Eat Bulaga! as a host for a month-long trial period, hosting various segments such as "Pak Na Pak" and later, "That's My Bae" with Indian-Filipino radio disc jockey Sam YG.  Maine Mendoza, who had initially gained popularity for posting Dubsmash videos in various social media platforms, auditioned for the program (19 June, 2015) after catching the attention of its producers.  Mendoza officially entered showbiz on 04 July, 2015.   She recalled that she was originally cast as a lawyer for Eat Bulaga's "Juan for All, All for Juan" segment but was ultimately cast as Yaya Dub (Divina Ursula Bokbokova Smash), a personal assistant (although the Filipino term Yaya translates to Nanny) for comedian's Lola Nidora character.  Utilizing her Dubsmash popularity, Mendoza only communicates in the series through vocal dubbing and was initially portrayed as the snobbish Yaya Dub.  On the show's 16 July, 2015 episode, Yaya Dub broke character when she was caught being kilig (a Tagalog word roughly translated in English as "feeling giddy" or much closer with the idiom "tickled pink") seeing Richards on the show's live split screen, prompting Eat Bulaga's producers to make an onscreen couple of the two.  On 01 October, 2015, their first duet happened when Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards sang "Wish I May," a song by the latter, and "God Gave Me You," a hit song by Bryan White.  Mike Tuviera, a resident director for the show, revealed that the tandem was made by accident  The name "AlDub" was conceived as a portmanteau of the tandem's name, Alden and Yaya Dub.  And despite being featured in the show, the couple did not meet with each other for the first few weeks of the segment and only interacted through the show's split screen frame and conversing in dubbed audio samples of popular songs and lines from popular films and TV series as well as through handwritten messages shown on screen.

Due to the audiences' positive reception to the AlDub pairing, the show's producers decided to make a 30-minute soap opera parody in it's "Juan for All, All for Juan" segment for the tandem.  Pegged as "KalyeSerye" (Filipino for "street series"), it was described as a parody of Philippine television dramas performed by improv acting, which was broadcast live from a Barangay stret featured in the "Juan for All, All for Juan" set.  One of the program's directors, described it as "natural and unscripted," saying that "Nothing is rehearsed.  We are trying to maintain the spontaneity because that is a big part of its charm.  

Some of the running gags and story lines throughout the parody include the "Pabebe Wave" (a deviation of a beauty queen wave gesture) between Alden and Yaya Dub, Lola Nidora lobbying for a different pairing for Yaya Dub, and the incompetence of the numerous Rogelios, Lola Nidora's bodyguards.

The KalyeSerye's main storyline is the CInderella-like forbidden courtship between the AlDub tandem, with its paramount goal being the first physical meeting between the two, a move continually opposed by Lola Nidora.

* information taken from the AlDub page in Wikipedia *


A few important videos of Alden and Maine (AlDub)

Thank you to all of the uploaders of the following AlDub videos.  All videos were copied from YouTube
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Pambansang Bae's journey to Eat Bulaga

Video CTO

Dubsmash Queen's journey to Eat Bulaga

Video CTO
Alden watching YouTube videos of Maine
Video CTO
Video CTO
Alden Richards' first day on Eat Bulaga as Pambansang Bae
18 April, 2015
Maine Mendoza's first day on Eat Bulaga as Yaya Dub
04 July, 2015
Video CTO
The Beginning of AlDub -
Ang Simula ng Forever
16 July, 2015

Important dates in AlDub history:

Photos CTO
Photos CTO
Alden and Maine's first meeting - at Candy Fair where Alden was one of the Candy Cuties
Alden and Maine's first split screen moment at Eat Bulaga (with Alden at the Broadway studios and Maine at the Barangay)
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Alden and Maine's Tamang Panahon 
Alden and Maine's KalyeSerye wedding

02 March, 2019
Maine Mendoza posts a blog post revealing the truth about her love life, re-iterating that Alden and her are just friends, co-workers, at the same time revealing who she's really with.  (The unofficial 2nd Open Letter).  Like after the first open letter, after this was published, she leaves town (with her suitor, and allegedly with others also.)


​​26 November, 2017
Maine Mendoza posts her first open letter, revealing that Alden and her are only friends.  After this post, she leaves town for vacation and is not seen on Eat Bulaga until the next year (January)

21 October, 2017
"Love Is ..." , is aired.  Alden and Maine starred in Eat Bulaga's first TeleMovie

04 April, 2017
Alden and Maine watch the ColdPlay concert together (along with a few friends)

27 February, 2017 - 26 May, 2017
"Destined To Be Yours" - Alden and Maine's first Teleserye they starred in

22 October 2016
KalyeSerye: The AlDub wedding

13 July, 2016
"Imagine You and Me" premieres in theaters.  It is Alden and Maine's first starrer movie.

23 March, 2016
"God Gave Me You" - Alden and Maine's first EB Lenten special that they starred in

25 December, 2015
"My Bebe Love" premieres in theaters, as an MMFF entry.  It is Alden and Maine's first movie together.

01 December, 2015
Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros (AlDub/Explorer sisters) received their stars at the 10th Annual Eastwood City's Walk of Fame

24 October, 2015
Tamang Panahon Benefit Concert
Philippine Arena
 *** #ALDubEBTamangPanahon reached over 41 million tweets within 24 hours
(which is now the global record for the most number of tweets within 24 hours)

01 October, 2015
Alden and Maine first sang together on split screen

16 July, 2015
Alden and Maine sees each other via split screen.  Alden was at the studio in Broadway, while Maine was at the Barangay.  

04 July, 2015
Maine Mendoza's first day at Eat Bulaga as Yaya Dub (her first day in showbiz)

18 April, 2015
Alden Richards' first day at Eat Bulaga

08 December, 2010
Alden Richards' first entered showbiz

02 October, 2010
Candy Fair event where Alden and Maine first saw each other

Photos CTO
Photos CTO
Photos CTO
Since the "birth" of AlDub, there has been many charities helped and many good deeds done because of and/or care of Alden and Maine.  They have also, whether it's together and/or individually have helped so many.
Photos CTO
Photos CTO

The TAMANG PANAHON charity concert, held on October 24, 2015, had created 10 Libraries for students all over the  Philippines.  Thanks to the AlDub Nation that purchased tickets for the Tamang 
Panahon concert, they were able to raise Php 14M, for the construction of the libraries.

The Beneficiaries of the AlDub libraries are located at:

Province and School

1- Samar, Buenavista Elementary School

2- Camarines Sur, Catabangan Proper Elementary School

3- Davao City, General Roxas Central Elementary School

4- Palawan, Langogan National High School

5- Laguna, Lumban Central Elementary School -
** 1st AlDub Library opened 21 January, 2016 -
 Alden, Maine, Lola Nidora and Lola Tinidora were present to open and for the blessing of the library **

6- Zambales, Namatacan Elementary School

7- Capiz, Ongol Ilaya Primary School

8- Pangasinan, Pasibi-Bituag Elementary School

9- Lanao Del Norte, Tambacan Elementary School

10- Cebu, Taptap Integrated School

Alden and Maine, has also helped students that face financial/personal difficulties while they are in school. From hearing their stories during the Juan for all, All for Juan segment, they have been affected by their stories and decided to help out the students.  The term "AlDub Scholar" was created by Allan K on 14 July, 2017

Student (age) and Assistance (date helped)

1- Mercy Q. (19), provided financial assistance until she finishes school
(14 July, 2017)

2- Kimberly Marie L. (18), provided for her baon until she finishes (to lessen what her Dad has to provide)
(26 August, 2017)

Photos CTO
Photos CTO

Alden and Maine, has also helped many more people behind the scenes.  The one thing that I like about them is that they help people, not because there's a camera in front of their face, they much actually prefer to help people behind the scenes, with NO camera or media attention given to them.  Most of the time, we would just hear about their good deed after the fact.
This past April 2017, the KalyeSerye squad took KalyeSerye to the USA.  They performed shows in Los Angeles and New York and visited the Dabarkads here... Unfortunately, I was unable to see the shows, but I am hoping that someday, I will get to see and meet them too (whether it be here or in the Philippines...)  Waiting na lang muna ako for my tamang panahon  :)
THANK YOU so much to ​​​​​ Eat Bulaga
for posting the videos of the show on their You Tube page.  This way, I and all the other fans that weren't able to make it to the show, can see clips of the show.

Video CTO
KS sa US (LA show)
Video CTO
KS sa US (New York show)

Songs used/played during KalyeSerye:

Thinking Out Loud
God Gave Me You