First time to see and meet Jay Kenneth Johnson
(and Jason Cook,  Jesse Metcalfe and Bruce Michael Hall)

The first time I ever got to meet Jay was when he came here to do an appearance at CharlesTowne Mall.  After hearing that he was going to be here, I remember telling myself that I wanted to be there to see him before we go to LA to see him and meet the Angels :).  Not having been at CharlesTowne Mall before, I drove there after work, the Saturday before to make sure I'll be able to find it.  I was able to find the mall with no problems.  :)  Saturday came, and I went to the mall with my cousin and her daughter (my niece).  It was a great day, the sun was out, and if I remember correctly, the sky was clear.  We had an early start that day ...  I drove to my cousin's to pick them up then we went to breakfast, and I could tell from the way I was eating how nervous I was getting.  And there was the drive to St. Charles.  The whole way there, we were talking about things, we were singing along with the music, and my niece could tell just how giddy I was getting.  I told her that I was nervous.  

We got to the mall a little later than planned, we window shopped a little and then, we headed to the area where Jay, Jason Cook, Bruce Michael Hall and Jesse Metcalf were going to be at.  The area was already filled with people when we got there :).  The people gathered there varied in age - there were a lot of young teenagers, but there were a lot of moms and grandmas too.

To our surprise, we were able to get seats right in front.  We saw them getting the table ready where Jay and Jason were going to sit and do the autograph signing.

One o'clock finally came, and everyone was getting so excited.  I headed for the end of the line to get autographs, which was getting longer by the minute.  It was after one when the guys arrived ... they came down using the glass elevators.   I remember the host for the event, on microphone, when everyone started screaming ... she was like, "Whom are you guys seeing? :)"  And out the elevator, to the stage, they all came ... Jay, Jason with Bruce and Jesse from Passions.  Everyone was so excited and the guys were all so happy to be there.  They spoke on the microphone for a little bit, Jay with a camera in hand, he was taking photos of the crowd.  Right after that, they headed to their seats to start the autograph signings.  I was a bit surprised that they had them do the signings while the show was happening.  The guys did have to stop the signing for a little while and go back up onstage.  Jay had dance with one of the girls there.  I remember after they danced, he gave her a hug, and saw her almost loose her balance.

The autograph signing resumed and they did that for the remainder of their time there.  There were, and rightfully so, security guards behind Jay and Jason.  Throughout the entire event, the hosts and even the guards were telling everyone, that we could take photos of the guys but we couldn't take photos with them.  Of course, as the afternoon went on, this wasn't really followed.  Both Jay and Jason were very gracious to everyone, taking photos with everyone and talking to each one.  While waiting in line, I was taking photos of Jay and Jason, and I could tell my hands were shaking.  The photos certainly showed it.  I was so thankful that my cousin had her camera with her, and caught many close shots of Jay, Jason and even Jesse.  While in line, I met a lady who was as excited as anyone was, to be there and meet the guys.  She was telling me how she had been a viewer of Days for 25 years and she enjoys it when she gets to meet the cast.  She was there with her daughter and her granddaughter.

Our turn came ... I came up to Jason first.  He was so sweet, he looked at me and we said "Hi!"  He asked me my name, I told him and he signed one of the cards for me.  I asked him if he could sign the book that  I brought with me, and he said "Sure."  I turned to the page where I wanted him to sign and gave him the book.  After getting the book, he smiled and tapped Jay on the shoulder and said, "Hey Jay!, Look at this!"  Jay looked at Jason and then at the album, and it was then that I saw his dimples up close!!  Jason signed the book and slides it over to Jay.  I was right in front of Jay now, and I could honestly say that my nerves seemed to have calmed down, and thank goodness too!  At the time that I was in front of Jay, the show was going on the stage and the crowd was getting loud, so it was difficult to hear things.  Jay and I said, "Hi!" and he asked me how I was doing (because of the crowd enthusiasm, Jay had to ask me again how I was ..) and he asked me what my name was.  I told him and he signed one of his cards for me.  I then asked him if he could sign the album I had, which was still, at the time, in front of him, and he said, "Sure."  I quickly went to the page, where I wanted him to sign, and he signed the album.  Before I left, I had asked him if it was okay, for me to give him a hug ... with a smile (dimples showing), he said "Sure."  He stood up from his chair, and we hugged.  As I was leaving, I told him that  I would see him next week ... he smiled and with his dimples showing yet again, he said, "Oh Yeah!"

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching the show.  I would look at Jay and Jason as they continued to meet everyone and sign and pose for photos.  It was really great of them to stay and make sure that they got to everyone!!