Jay and Nadia at DaysFest 2001
Los Angeles, California

(There was obviously a lot more things that happened the time that I was there with the Angels, but just for simplicity purposes, I'm going to just focus on Jay and Nadia here.)

Nadia was the first one that I was able to see when I got to LA.  She was a part of the Wesley Cabaret Night, Friday night.  She looked even more beautiful in person than she does on television.  The evening was filled with song, laughter all around, just a great time.  Nadia gave a great performance singing, "Don't Cry for me Argentina."  Her voice is so ... what's the word, it's breathtaking to hear her sing in person.  Up close, she's OMG!  She's very warm to her fans, and very approachable.

Saturday ... The day that most have waited for .... The Day's Breakfast!!!  Nadia was the first one that came out, then Jay came out.  The whole time they were up by the stage, they sat, not together, but in between Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) and as time went on, they were separated by other cast members.  Nadia was towards in the middle, while Jay was like towards the end, to her left, there was even a point that Jay was like not visible anymore, if he was not being asked questions.  That was quite frankly one thing that I didn't like seeing, him being almost pushed to the point where the fans couldn't see him anymore.  Jay was wearing a tannish sleeved shirt, it had the flower as a design.  Nadia was sporting a black sleeveless top.  It was quite a sight to see the two of them here, but it was much better to see them even closer than just the stage.  After the question and answers were over, they were going to go over and start signing autographs.  

Jay didn't do that right after that though ... he, along with his publicist - a sweet guy - went over to our table so we could give our gifts, get photos, and autographs from Jay.  He is so very gracious and very sweet to everyone.  He's really touched by everything that all of his fans have done for him.  (Before I go any further, I should let you guys know that before I left for LA, the book(s) and the portrait, I gift wrapped - I got a little paranoid that they won't make it to LA in one piece so I gift wrapped the books and the portrait, after I got it framed, I had it bubble wrapped and I gift wrapped it - and that's how Jay got it ...). I got to Jay first, I told him, that I have something for him from In Your Eyes ... he looked right at me and with a smile on his face (dimples alert) said, "Oh Yeah!"  I was surprised that he remembered that :). I handed him the bag, that had the portrait, the book, a letter from Kelly and the photos I printed of when Meredith and Ty met him in New York.  (Okay ... I think here's where several of you had questions ...). Jay did ask me if he could open it while I was there with him.  I wasn't alone when Jay was at our table, eventhough he was standing right in front of me, there were other fans waiting to talk to him, and not to forget, he still needed to go to the table where they were to sign autographs.  I told him, it was up to him.  He was so very thankful for everything!!!  He handed the bag to his publicist, who in turn put the bag like right behind Jay in the buffet table.  I then asked him to sign the book that I brought with me ... it was the same book that I took with me to Charlestowne Mall, the week before when I saw him and Jason Cook.  When I opened to the page, he smiled, looked at me and said, "I remember this!"  He signed the book and he then continued to talk to the fans, sign autographs, take photos, just be Jay - having fun!!!  At one point, I remember seeing Jay using the bag with our gifts to put other things that he was given by fans.  (I knew giving him the bag would help him, I'm glad that it did!). After everything died down a little, I stress a little, Jay gave the bag to his publicist to put in the back where all the stars hung out when they're not out with the fans.

It was kind of a different scenario when I gave Nadia her gift.  At the time that she came up, Lakota, Christyne and Rachel were being interviewed - way to go girls!!!  So when Nadia came up, there was a camera there.  I came up to her and said I had a gift for her from In Your Eyes.  She smiled at me and said, "Oh yes!"  I handed her the gift and asked if she could open it, I just instantly said, "sure."  She opened it and flipped through the pages, she actually held the book up to the camera that was still there.  She was touched by our gift.  She said, something like, she was going to have it in her dressing room.

********** I was very moved by both reactions from Jay and Nadia when I came up and said that I had a gift for them from In Your Eyes.  I know Jay is aware of the site, and I think that Nadia is as well! :) **********

Something that I didn't expect to see after the breakfast was over, as we were awaiting for our van, the cast members were seen leaving for their cars.  Nadia came out carrying the bag with our gift in it.  Then a few minutes later, Jay came out carrying the gift from the Angels and the bag with our gift in it.  They were hanging out in the parking lot for a few minutes, eventually joined by Jay's publicist, Jason Cook and Kyle Lowder.  Jay and Kyle talked there for a while.  We had seen Nadia drive away, then not long after that, Jay came up by his Blazer, put both gifts he was carrying in the back seat and went in.

I next saw Nadia at Peter Reckell's BBQ concert.  She hung around there, talking to fans.  When they had Frances Reid out, the cast members that was there, surrounded Frances at the stage ... they were talking, telling stories, there was a point where Drake (John) and Jason were sharing bloopers and the dumbest lines/storylines on the show ... my favorite had to be when Jason said, "It's taking two years for Shawn to ask Belle out."  Nadia was asked to give a sample of, I think it was a high pitch C, she took the microphone and belted out the note ... man!, not only does she have a beautiful voice, she can also reach way up there and give a high note.

Sunday was the basketball game.  Both Jay and Nadia were there.  We were sitting at the same side as Jay and Nadia, so I couldn't see them real well - when they were seated, but I did see that at certain times during the game, Jay and Nadia were sitting next to each other, and I also caught them exchange hugs ... that was a sweet thing!  Jay did a great job at the charity game.  He was intensed and very competitive, but of course, was having fun too.   At halftime, he and Ron spent time talking to Linda and Rachel on the sidelines.  He, for personal reasons - he was moving the same day - had to leave the game early (middle of the second half.). I was worried at first when I noticed that he had disappeared.  I found out later that he was moving to a new place that same day.  I remember seeing him go with Nadia to the further part of the gym, then Nadia came back out alone.  Nadia participated in the game too ... (after Jay had left) for a little while.  I'm telling you, I was very impressed that she was able to run with what she had on ...  I can't remember her shoes but I know it wasn't basketball shoes, and she was wearing blue jeans. 

The last time I saw Jay was when we went on the NBC Studios tour on Monday ... we were able to see the Days Of Our Lives set, particularly the Titan set.  I was surprised when I saw John Aniston there, and he was there with someone.  At first, I couldn't tell who it was, because he had his back turned.  He then did that thing that Jay does to his hair, and I was like, it's Jay!!!  He and John were rehearsing ... Jay had a script in his hand.  I was glad that not only did I get to see him up close, having fun and relaxed.  I was able to see him at work too!!!

Late on Monday, after my Mom and I got back from our dinner with Mom's friend, there was a message on the machine - it was Christyne asking me to call her as soon as we got back.  I did, and she, along with Rita, came down and we talked for a while.  Christyne told me that she, along with Linda and Rachel met with Ron, that they were told that Jay was very moved by the book.  I was told that he was very impressed and that he loved it.  Christyne, Rita and I talked about other things ... what was currently posted on IYE, how their meeting went, etc.

*** So everyone, GREAT JOB and thanks again, for all the assist on creating IYE's gifts to Jay and Nadia!!! ***