I've listed a few websites that I like to visit... 

Our online photo album site -
Flickr photo site
Here's the link for our Yahoo group -
Ampaya Yahoo group
Here is where Mae works -

Here is where Jun works - 

Friends' websites -

Kuya Ony is a family friend from Manila.  Just found out that he is now a Ventriloquist.   I have yet to watch him perform Live but thanks to Youtube (his Youtube screen name is onykenet), I've been able to watch his performances.  He's wonderful!!!  

Kuya Ony Carcamo's site

Christyne is a romance novelist - and a very good one at that!!  She's written a number of novels.  Check out her sites -
 This is her professional sites where her romance novels can be found -

Christyne Butler, Romance Writer

These are her fanfic site where her (and other friends') awesome fanfics can be found -
Christyne's Teen Fanfiction Site
More friends' sites -
Samantha's Friends
All-Star Sports Memories  - Lance's site
Charitable causes that I supports -
March of Dimes
Habitat for Humanity
Light The Night - The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
American Cancer Association

Favorite Entertainers (Local or Foreign)
Bryan White
Ray Acevedo

Alden Richards