Meeting with Kyle Brandt
24 January, 2004
NBC Health and Fitness Expo
12:00noon - 2:00pm
Navy Pier, Chicago

We got to Navy Pier at around 11:30ish.  Could've gotten there earlier, if I just took the right exit and went North instead of South.  Spoke to Mike on the phone as we were driving to the Pier.  We met up with him right outside the Expo door.  We went inside, and I started to look for Jackie.  Mike pointed to us where the signing was going to be.  Unable to find her, we decided to go in the line that was forming where Kyle and Ryan were going to be.  The guys made it in at around 12n.  I didn't see Kyle as he walked inbut I did see him as he was walking in the room where they left their coats.  A minute or two went by, and they emerged again from the room.  They waved at everyone.  Kyle started to look around, saw me, and he waved at me and I waved back.  I looked at everyone who was passing us as they got done talking to the guys, hoping that I'll see Jackie.  I was able to recognize her finally.  I called her by name, she looked at me, and I quickly gave her the tape that I had for her.  There was an older lady that was standing behind me.  The two of us got to talking.  She was mentioning how she was there to see the NBC newscasters.  She had questioned who the two guys were, and I had told her that they're from the two soap operas that NBC shows.  She wasn't familiar with either of them.  As I pointed to the guys, I told her which soaps they were from.  She mentioned how she watches ABC soaps but prefers One Life To Live.  I told her how I like that show also, and how I watched it initially because of Ty Treadway.  She mentioned how he's a good actor, but that he won't be staying in Llanview for long.

We got to meet Ryan McPartlin first.  Right before we came up to talk to him, I got my camera ready.  He saw that I was getting a photo of him, so he smiled for me, and I snapped the photo.  Che and I introduced ourselves, as did he.  He asked us where we were from.  We said that we were from Chicago, the suburbs.  We just kept saying the suburbs, he then asked, "Where in the suburbs?"  We said, "The west Suburbs."  He asked, "Where?"  Finally, we said, "In Bolingbrook."  He said, "You don't think I know my suburbs huh?  You guys live close by where I live.  I live in Glen Ellyn."  We smiled after that.  He mentioned how both he and Kyle were both from Chicago.  He asked for my name and he signed one of the cards for me.  Che then came up to him, and he asked for her name.  Che said her full name first, and Ryan asked her to spell it for him as he wrote it in the card.  I asked him when he came in to town.  He said that he's been here since Thursday and mentioned that Kyle got in just yesterday.

As I got closer to Kyle, I took out my phone and took a photo of him.  He saw me and asked what I was doing, and he asked, "Hey Mae!  What are you doing there?"  I said, "I was taking a photo of you."  He then asked if I was using my phone.  I responded, "Yes."  He asked to see my phone and the photo that I just took of him.  He asked me how he could see the photo I took, where would he need to go.  I had my phone where he could see it and showed him the photo.  He said, "WOW! That's pretty cool."  He asked me if it was a T-mobile phone.  I said that it was.  He mentioned how he is about to change his phone and how he now currently has an AT&T cell phone and how he's thinking of changing the kind of phone he has.  There was one of the NBC Chicago newscasters sitting next to him (can't remember her name exactly :().  She asked him if that was a phone that he had in his hand.  He told her, "Yes, it's pretty cool."  She agreed.  He handed the phone back to me and I placed it in my pants' pocket.