Our weekend in Las Vegas :)

I arrived at the Luxor at around 6:30pm on Friday night.  After checking in, I saw Karo and met her friend, Minnie for the first time.  We talked and got caught up with things.  I, then went up to the room real quick to put my things away.  Took the chance, with Linda not being there yet, to get her stuff ready :).  Went back downstairs to wait for Linda.  She came in a few hours later.  We talked briefly with Karo and Minnie, then Linda and I went back to the room to get her stuff put away.  She gave me photos to put up on the site (everyone's in for some new photos :)).  We talked for a little bit, then headed back downstairs.  The four of us went to dinner at a restaurant at the hotel.  After dinner, Linda and I went back up to the room.  We talked all night and started brainstorming and planning things for the site :) and I wrapped the gifts for Jay and Nadia.

Saturday morning ... Got ready for the appearance.  Karo and Minnie came by, then soon after that, Lynnette came and I met her for the first time!  We all talked as we got everything together.  Before heading to Sears, Linda and I went to one of the stores of the hotel to pick up a gift for Nadia.  Linda found this adorable light brownish teddy bear with long eyelashes.  We found "Nadia Bear! :)"  We started the drive towards Henderson.  Lynnette had gone separately from us.  We finally got to the store at 11:30.  We met other Jay fans there ... Amber, Lisa and others...

When we got to Sears, there were 2 lines that we saw were forming in two different sides of the store.  While waiting and talking in line, a lady came up and she had a camera with her.  Her name is Shirley Campagna.  It turns out she is an independent photographer.  She was saying how she used to take photos for SOD but she had moved to Nevada but everytime there's an appearance like this, she likes to come and take photos of the stars.  Linda and her talked and Shirley found out what we were doing. She then asked if it was okay for her to take a photo of us with JayBears after the signing.  

Jay and Nadia arrived at the signing at around 1:15pm.  Jay was wearing a multi colored tank top showing off his arrms and shoulders with a blue short type jacket and blue jeans.  Nadia was wearing a black top with a black jacket and blue jeans.

We were getting things ready ... getting Jay's surprise ready.  I suddenly heard one lady on the other side of where Jay and Nadia were sitting and said, "Jay, someone has a cake for you."  Jay stood up and turned around real quick to see where the cake was ... luckily for us, the cake was still in the box so he didn't see it until we were ready to present it to him.

My turn came up ... I came up to Jay first.  We said "Hi!"  Jay's smile just lights up a room!!!  I greeted him "Happy Birthday!"  and gave him my gift ... The expression on his face was just so priceless as he was receiving his gifts from everyone.  I got a hug!  I then gave him the letters from everyone at the site.  He was standing at the time that I gave the folder to him, he leaned over and gave me another hug.  The second one caught me by surpise ... but I liked it!! :)  I moved towards Nadia and we said "Hi!"  I said I had a gift for her too ... she was like, "it's not my birthday ..."  I told her, it's okay, it didn't have to be.  Linda presented Nadia with her very own "Nadia Bear."  The expression on her face after she saw Nadia Bear was priceless.  She turned to Jay, showed him Nadia Bear, and Jay smiled along with her!!!

Right behind me was Minnie who was carrying Jay's birthday cake.  All of Jay's Angels started to sing him "Happy Birthday!!!"  He closed his eyes, made a wish and blew out his candles.  During the course of the afternoon, Jay got serenaded with "Happy Birthday" twice.

I had asked both Nadia and Jay to sign Christyne's book for me.  Nadia signed the book first then Jay signed.  He had said that he's read the book and turned to ask Nadia if she has.  She responded that she hasn't yet.  Then I asked them to sign the shirt that I brought.  I had apologized that I didn't bring a pen that's bright enough, and how I hope that the signature will show.  Nadia had said that it was okay.  She started to sign my shirt and Jay asked me if he was signing it too.  I said if he would, he said, "sure!!!"  They turned out very well.  I took a photo of them together with JayBear.  Jay held the "Birthday Boy" badge that was given to him.  He was suppose to wear it but he said it kept poking him so he took it off.  And I had one taken with them -- THANKS to Ms. Shirley!!! :) :) :) 

When we all got done in the line, we all went off to the side and watched Jay and Nadia meet their fans.  Linda had started to get the cake ready to give to both Jay and Nadia.  The rest of Jay's Angels then went up in front by where Shirley was standing, taking photos.  I, on the other hand, was standing behind where Jay was sitting during the entire signing.  I spent most of the signing looking at the two of them, and watching all of the fans who came by and looked at their faces, their expressions as they were talking to Jay and Nadia.  And to see Jay and Nadia's - particularly Nadia, because from where I was standing, I could see her better ... Jay was, sitting right in front of me - expressions as they met their fans ... it was quite the moment.

​Everyone that went by, greeted him a Happy Birthday, and wished both he and Nadia well.  Jay and Nadia were very sweet to everyone!  Throughout the signing, they were talking with everyone, taking photos with everyone, posing for photos and on quiet times, so to speak, they would talk and joke with each other.  It was great to see both of them relaxed, and have fun with everyone who came to see them.

As I mentioned, photos were being taken as the signing went on, and an impromptu Q & A session too ...

There was a moment where Jay and Nadia were asked to put their hands together for one shot.  Jay had accidentally stuck his tongue out on one of the shots.  He had said if they could have that pose re-done because he stuck his tongue out.  So they posed again, but this time, Nadia licked Jay's cheek which really surprised Jay.

Someone had noticed the small mark (bruise) on Jay's arm and he mentioned that it was from Austin Peck.  Austin had given Jay 25 hits in the arm, for his 25th birthday.  Nadia made a comment on how when she had her birthday, she got two hits.

Another fan asked them about DaysFest in April.  Nadia said she wasn't going then Jay said he would be there!  As to the DaysFest in LA, Jay had mentioned how he has yet to hear about it.

A fan had asked Jay about his band.  She asked him what he did in the band.  Jay said that he sang.  She was like, "give us a sample, Jay."  He said that his band, "Solid Jones" will be coming out with their CD soon!!!

********** because of where I was while the signing was happening, I am counting on the rest of Jay's Angels that were in front of Jay and Nadia to fill in any details I might have missed.  I know that there are a few or more than a few things I missed **********

As they were close to finishing the line, a line that seemed to not want to end, Jay turned to look at the line and was surprised at how fast they went through the line.  There was a moment while the line was moving along that, I think it was moving too fast.  I looked at Nadia, and she almost had this look on her face like she felt bad that the line was moving too fast, that they're not getting the chance to talk with everyone.  

They stood to give the fans a chance to get their photo taken together.  After that, they collected their jackets and started to head out.  Jay spotted where we were, and as he kept walking, he was saying goodbye and apologizing that he/they couldn't stay longer.  Linda gave him a piece of birthday cake.  Jay had to reach out for it, but he was able to get a piece.  Nadia was walking right behind Jay but she moved too fast that Linda wasn't abble to see her. 

... After the appearance, we went to Taco Bell.  We talked, took photos of JayBear.  Drove back to the hotel.  Linda and I went back to the hotel store and bought "Nadia Bear."  It's back to the room, for some Jay chat.  :)  Later that night, Linda, Karo, Minnie and I went to dinner.  We had more Jay chats :), I surely love these :). After dinner, we went back to the room, and spent the rest of the night doing more Jay chat.

Sunday ... Time to say goodbye :(. Linda and I checked out of the hotel at 11am.  She walked me by the taxi waiting area, we said goodbye.  I look forward to the next gathering.  The flight back was pretty smooth, just the regular delays :) - adjustments here and there.  My parents met me at the airport with my cousin's son ... cutest thing, when we got to the car, he asked me, "Tita Mae, did you see Jay?"  I was like, "Yeah :)."  My Mom was telling me, when he saw our computer sometime this weekend and saw our desktop wallpaper, he was like, "hey!, that's Jay :)."