Our weekend in Las Vegas :)

I arrived at the Luxor at around 6:30pm on Friday night.  After checking in, I saw Karo and met her friend, Minnie for the first time.  We talked and got caught up with things.  I, then went up to the room real quick to put my things away.  Took the chance, with Linda not being there yet, to get her stuff ready :).  Went back downstairs to wai for Linda.  She came in a few hours later.  We talked briefly with Karo and Minnie, then Linda and I went back to the room to get her stuff put away.  She gave me photos to put up on the site (everyone's in for some new photos :)).  We talked for a little bit, then headed back downstairs.  The four of us went to dinner at a restaurant at the hotel.  After dinner, Linda and I went back up to the room.  We talked all night and started brainstorming and planning things for the site :) and I wrapped the gifts for Jay and Nadia.

Saturday morning ... Got ready for the appearance.  Karo and Minnie came by, then soon after that, Lynnette came and I met her for the first time!  We all talked as we got everything together.  Before heading to Sears, Linda and I went to one of the stores of the hotel to pick up a gift for Nadia.  Linda found this adorable light brownish teddy bear with long eyelashes.  We found "Nadia Bear! :)"  We started the drive towards Henderson.  Lynnette had gone separately from us.  We finally got to the store at 11:30.  We met other Jay fans there ... Amber, Lisa and others...

When we got to Sears, there were 2 lines that we saw were forming in two different sides of the store.  While waiting and talking in line, a lady came up and she had a camera with her.  Her name is Shirley Campagna.  It turns out she is an independent photographer.  She was saying how she used to take photos for SOD but she had moved to Nevada but everytime there's an appearance like this, she likes to come and take photos of the stars.  Linda and her talked and Shirley found out what we were doing. She then asked if it was okay for her to take a photo of us with JayBears after the signing.