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Shawn Michaels

Shawn was the first athlete/entertainer that I have liked/supported that has truly made an impact in my life.  Somehow, he made me see a lot of things in a different light, if you will.  For that, I will always be grateful to him!!!  I've also met friends because of him, friends that I still keep in touch with to the present day...
AND of course, not to forget that someone that I met that also changed my life.  I must say, "meeting" him was quite interesting .. In his own little way, he taught me a lot and I appreciated how he was always there for me!!!  Thanks C!!!

First time that I saw Shawn in person, October 1996

As an athlete/entertainer that I saw in person twice :), but I didn't get the chance to get a photo taken with him when I saw him was Shawn Michaels.  When I saw him, they were both during a house show here in town that he was in.  The first one was during his first title reign, and the second was a show that was later televised.  I haven't had the chance to meet him and talk to him - YET :).  I came close on two different occasions but I didn't get to go to the appearances (and one of the appearances was here in Chicago :( ).  Maybe someday, who knows - but until then, I was glad for the two times that I got to see him ... doing one of the things that he loves to do.
The second time that I saw him… I was with Dad, Ninong Romy and Rita.  All four of us were seated by the aisle were the wrestlers walk on the way to the ring.  Dad and Ninong Romy were on one side while Rita and I were on the other side.  It was cool how Dad and Ninong Romy ended up on television when the show aired!!  When Shawn came out, Rita and I were fortunate to have gotten this/close to Shawn when he was having an exchange with a fan that was seating by our row - hence the photo below.  I think this might have been one of the first times Shawn displayed the DX chops...
Second time that I saw Shawn, August 1997
  It's amazing how time has flown... in 2012, it had been 17 years since I first started to watch and like Shawn!  Throughout the whole time that I've liked him, I've experienced a lot of things... I even "met and had a relationship with someone" because of him!  Now, that was an experience :) 
I started to watch and like Shawn in 1995 after I watched him in "SummerSlam" that year.  But it was not until January of 1996, that I truly became the fan of his, that I am today.

He had an unforgettable 1996 --

January - He won the "ROYAL RUMBLE"

February - IN YOUR HOUSE - He defeated Owen Hart, securing his title shot at "Wrestlemania"

March - WRESTLEMANIA XII - He defeated Bret Hart, becoming the new World Wrestling Federation Champion, in a 60 minute Iron Man Match

April - IN YOUR HOUSE:  GOOD FRIENDS, BETTER ENEMIES - He defeated Big Daddy Cool Diesel

May - IN YOUR HOUSE:  BEWARE OF DOG - He wrestled Davey Boy Smith, to a draw

June - KING OF THE RING - He defeated Davey Boy Smith

July - IN YOUR HOUSE:  INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT - The Team of Shawn Michaels, The Ultimate Warrior and Ahmed Johnson were defeated by Camp Cornett (Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith and The Man They Call Vader)

August - SUMMERSLAM - He defeated Vader

September - IN YOUR HOUSE: MIND GAMES - He defeated Mankind by Disqualification

October - He didn't wrestle

November - SURVIVOR SERIES - He lost the title to Sycho Sid, in a heartbreaking loss

December - IN YOUR HOUSE:  IT'S TIME - Shawn didn't wrestle but he was there to provide color commentary during the title match

As much as it hurts,
I do wish Shawn a very happy retirement!!!  I know, like he said in his farewell speech, he's looking forward to now getting to spend time with his family, but I hope that he knows how much the WWE Universe will miss him!!!


Shawn had opened his own website so he could update his fans on the goings on with him.  It can be viewed at 
Shawn Michaels
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