Weekend in Salem, IL
at the 
​2002 Days Salemfest Weekend!!!

Salem was a lot of fun!!!  I'm working on my recap still, but I'm going to put it up sometime tonight.  There were a few unexpected things that happened this weekend.  I'm going to put up as much detail as I can to my recap.  There were a few things that I won't put on there - to protect Jay - from any lurkers that would take the information and use it against him.  BUT I can tell you guys (Linda and I, along with Tracey and my friend Karen had talked about it already)...

When Karen and I got to Salem and went to check in at the Comfort Inn, John (the receptionist at the hotel - such a sweetie - he really took care of us :) ) had given me a message.  He was like, as he was looking in the computer to check us in ... "I have a message on here to tell you that you have one of the best rooms in the hotel."  After he told me that, I looked at Karen, with this very curious look on my face.  (I never did find out who left the message ... I had initially thought it might have been Linda, but it wasn't.). He then told us that the guys and Farah were all staying at the same floor we were in.  He had mentioned how at 11:30pm, they were going to secure the second floor, to make sure that we had our card keys with us at all time.  I told John "Thank You!," with this "I can't believe it" expression on my face and went up to the room.  We got ourselves settled in.  We got in at about 9:30, so we knew that everyone was still at the event.  (As we were unloading the car, Karen had seen this pick up truck and noticed that Peter Reckell was coming out of his vehicle, arriving at the hotel.). We decided to go to Applebees next door and grab ourselves something to eat.  We got back and ate.  Karen was checking a few times, to see if anyone had gotten back.  I must say, I'm so glad that she's as outspoken as she is, and it didn't hurt that she was excited too. :). She called me and told me to go with her.  She took me to a room across the hall, with some fans that had gotten back from the Reception/Dinner Dance event.  They had taken a video of the event.  When I mentioned the site name, she was like, "Are you Mae from JKJ_Online?"  I said yes, and she was so excited - so sweet :). We both stood up and gave each other a hug.  We then started talking while watching the video that was taken - I had emailed the wife of the guy that took the video ... hopefully we'll get our hands on a copy of it - keeping our fingers crossed on that.  I gave her and one of the other ladies our business card.  Later, I found out that when Jay was in Jennifer's room earlier, and before we came in; Jay saw the business card sitting in the middle table and asked Jennifer where she got the card from.  She told him that she got the card from one of the site webmistress (she couldn't recall my name at the time.)  Saw Jay's new haircut, it looks great :).  I saw Farah on the video, and had to do a double take  when I saw her face - she's so small.  A little after that, we went back to our room.  It was interesting ... we had heard from Jennifer and the others, how it was raining really badly the day before.  When we got in, the weather was pretty good, and that was a great thing ... but just before Jay and the others got back, Salem suddenly experienced this very bad storm and there was also a tornado warning.  About a half hour or so later, we came back out, we spent a few minutes outside the door, talking to Jennifer, who's room was next to us, to the right.  We were going back and forth between talking outside and taking a look at the current weather report.  Then suddenly the door opened and in came Jay (wearing a blue Hawaiian lei :)), Kyle, Jesse (the photographer with them), one of the security guys and another guy.  After Jay first walked in the floor and saw all of us talking there, the first thing he said was, "Woah!"  When we checked in, John didn't tell us where exactly the guy's room were.  So imagine my/our surprise, when Jay walked into the room that was directly across the hall from ours!  Kyle went inside with him.  And to think, when I made the reservation for the room, John told me that I made the reservation just in time, because we got the last room available.  When I was talking to John as I was reserving the room, he had mentioned to me that he was working the weekend of Salemfest too :). After talking to the others, I went back in the room.  Karen took out with her a box of the KK donuts we brought to offer to Jennifer and the others.  She then called me out ... she had told me that she asked the security to ask the guys if they wanted some donuts.  When I got outside, I saw Jay and Kyle eating the KKs :).  They were both drinking too.  Jay went back to his room and Kyle went to his - the room next to Jay's.  When they first got back from the event, Kyle had a little trouble opening the door to his room, so he hung out in Jay's until it was fixed later on.  I think John had helped him.  Peter Reckell's roomwas next door to ours.  As it ended up, we were right in the thick of things!!!  I then met up with Pam and her friend.  We started talking and suddenly a head had popped up from not too far across the hall.  It was Farah.  Her room was the next room from Kyle's.  The girl - she's so thin.  Pam told me that Farah had been sick that's why she's so thin.  Karen was walking around at this time, and Farah I think was asking where the vending machine was or something.  Karen told her we had some drinks with us, and told her what we had.  Came back to the room, and grabbed a Starbucks Frappucino (ladies, this drink is absolutely addicting :), you guys gotta try it) and a pop and went back to Farah.  Farah took the Frappucino.  Pam was telling me how Farah's boyfriend was Filipino.  She then called Farah and told her that I was Filipina.  Farah and I got introduced and shook hands.  She's even thinner up close.  We talked for a little bit.  She was wearing eyeglasses.  She had mentioned how she is more of a glasses type person.  She only wears contact lenses when she's working.  A few minutes went by and Linda had come down.  (John had forgotten to give her my message :(. Sorry about Linda.  After I wrote the message, I know he put it somewhere, and said he was going to turn on your message light.  I guess he didn't.).  We talked for a few then she went back up to their room.  She came back a few minutes later and we hung out and talked.  I gave her the photos back and gave her, her NJ book.  (Rachel, Christyne, your books are coming.  I'm all done with them, I just need to bind them together.). I had asked her to double check it for me to see if looks okay ...  I had wanted to give one to Jay.  We continued to talk ... she had mentioned that Jay tried to get signed on to the site but couldn't remember what his password was :(.  I couldn't remember what it was exactly, but I said, I'd look it up once I got home and let her know.  After Linda went back to her room, Karen and I were starting to get ready for bed.  I, for some reason, but not that it's unusual, couldn't sleep.  I had put Jay's NJ book together, and just watched television.  Now, here's where the fun starts ...

At around 2am, John called us to check if we were still awake.  I said that we were (Karen was already sleeping but I woke her up - I knew she wouldn't want to miss this) and John said that they have Jay and Kyle at the next room (Jennifer's), and if we wanted to go over there.  He didn't need to ask us twice :). Karen went ahead of me; I had changed out of my pj's, and then went to the room.  When I got there, I saw Jay was sitting on the bed talking to the ladies (Jennifer, Cheryl, and Lisa) and Karen and the other guys that were there (Jesse, John [he was coming in and out of the room the whole time], and a security guy).  Kyle had gone back to his room, he was really tired.  We spent time just talking and drinking - I just had soda.  It was great to see Jay so relaxed and openly talking.  He almost but didn't give away any storylines.  He did say that part of the reason he's leaving is because his character really sucks now.  He and Jennifer were talking and she had mentioned IYE and Sariah.  Jay then looked over at me and asked me, "You're from IYE aren't you?"  Almost in unison, Jennifer and I said, "NO!"  Jennifer was like, "she's from JKJ_Online."  After hearing that, Jay sat back down.  He then said, "Yeah, I know Sariah..."  He then said it in this tone, different from his normal tone of speaking, but I'm not sure if it was just the alcohol talking.  There were a few times that he left the room but came back.  John had come in to tell him that the security guards were still there and that they wouldn't leave until they saw Jay go back to his room.  This got to him, he really wasn't happy that they were hanging outside waiting for him to go to his room and he was telling John to just tell them to leave.  He even went out with John, I think to talk to the guards and tell them to leave ... they didn't.  They just decided to stick around there even after Jay left.  He talked about his CD.  Jennifer mentioned how she loves "King of the World" and he said how he had written that.  One of the things he said that I found so sweet was when he was apologizing to us.   He said how we were there seeing him smoke and drink, how he didn't want us to see that side of him.  I told him not to worry about it, he was there to have fun and let loose.  He said how very much he appreciates everything that JKJ_Online and IYE have done for him.  Jennifer kept cutting in and telling him that he didn't mean that, but Jay kept saying he was serious, it really means a lot to him!  Jennifer had mentioned his official site, and he said how he actually is paying someone to do his official site - it didn't dawn on me here to mention to him how we would like to take over that after he's done with the show :( ... sorry!  When he was talking about the sites, he did refer to the site a number of times as JKJ Online.  *** I don't know why this stuck to my head, I guess I'm used to calling the site Jay Kenneth Johnson Online, and to hear him call us JKJ Online - it just stuck!  He was mentioning how he loves living in California but that he's originally from Missouri.  Jay was talking about Springfield and the concert that Solid Jones is having there.  I mentioned that we had something for him, but didn't say what it was.  He smiled and said, "You're coming?"  I said, "Yeah, but I won't say with whom."  He said, "That's okay.  Linda already told me!"  She was like, "Oppss ... I didn't mean to tell you that."  And then he had such a smile on his face :).  There were two beds in the room and for the majority of the time; Jay was sitting in the bed further from the hotel door.  We had laid the box of Krispy Kremes on the bed where we were sitting, directly across from where he was sitting.  We offered him the KKs and he was like, he's had a few already, as if no one had seen him eating them :), but he won't say no to them.  :).  But he also said he's trying to cut down on his carb intake.  He was eating a KK donut; he was down to the last bite on his donut and suddenly stretched out his hand and offered it to everyone.  Now, this I wasn't sure if he was offering the last bite of his KK or if he was offering the other remaining donuts.  There was a point where he had stood up and took the aluminum tray/container with the fruits in it (the fruits had been sitting in vodka or rum, wasn't sure which it was) and offered it to us.  While he was doing that, Jennifer had kidded with him about if he had served anyone before.  Jay was like, "Yeah, I have."  Another time, it sat next to him and the whole tray accidentally spilled.  He felt so bad; he grabbed a towel real quick, got down on his hands and knees, and started to clean it up.  He was standing in the room, another time, looking around.  He noticed some cups with drinks on them, behind him. He said, "Why do I see drinks that are not being drank?"  It was when they started taking shots that Jay sat down on the same bed I was in and after two shots, he got quiet, then when he stood up, he said, "That's it ... I have to go."  As they were getting ready to leave, I stood up and told him that if it's okay, I have something I wanted to give him.  I told him, how I was afraid that I might not get the chance to do so tomorrow.  He said, "Why not?" Then he said, "Sure, where is it?"  I said it's in our room, I left and got the NJ book and the gift that I was going to give him when Salemfest was suppose to happen last September.  I came back to the room and he was standing, looking right at the door as I walked in.  I told him how the book was from the event last December in NJ and the gift; I wanted to give it to him last September.  He took them both and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek too.  He said goodbye to everyone, held everyone's hand as he was saying goodbye ... almost shaking it but not really.  I stayed in the room maybe a half hour after that, and went back to the room.  (Oh!, they also had a video camera at the room running, but turned it off the whole time Jay was there.  They would turn it on again, when he left the room but when he would come back, they turned it back off.)  When I got back to the room, I noticed that I still had the card - it was still blank too - that I wanted to give him.  I filled it out, and got Mike Mattes' JayBear and his card ready.  I watched TV until I fell asleep.

Sunday, I woke up pretty early.  I almost want to say I slept for maybe an hour, maybe an hour and a half.  I got myself ready and got my things ready.  The alarm sounded and Karen got up.  She got ready.  We talked with Jennifer and Cheryl and this guy Chris who we met the night before.  He came in for the event also.  We loaded up the car and checked it out.  We got to the courthouse at around 10:30ish.  As we were getting close to the end of the line, we noticed you guys Linda!  I'm glad you guys were able to leave Peter's event early!  I noticed some of the IYE girls coming by.  Man!, Sariah is so far along it's amazing that she still came.  Apparently, she's lied so she could be allowed to go.  Anyway, I saw Mike Mattes walking by and he went and talked to Linda and Tracy.  He then went by me and we hugged and talked.  We finally go to meet!  I handed him his JayBear, he was like, "I have a JayBear!"  Also met Jamilla from the board!  We got our tickets for the autograph session and stood by the grass area and waited for the event to start.  We were talking -  I started to say something about the night before but stopped.  THANKS Linda!  Lorraine Zenka was there for her Q&A.  Karen was able to go down to where the guys were and meet them and get her JayBear signed.  She came back up to where Chris and I were talking, with this grin on her face.  She just her face.  She said where she just was.  Jay and Kyle finally came out.  They had their Q&A.  It was cold when they came out.  They had to be given their jackets.  {{{Jay and Kyle}}}. They kidded about how this weather is nothing like the weather in California.  The guys answered a few questions:

- they re-iterated that Chloe will get sick.
- Jay had mentioned that he is leaving but that things could happen in between.
- Kyle talked about Arianne.
- both Jay and Kyle talked about the triangle and Kyle mentioned the things Philip and Chloe have in common and the things Brady and Chloe have in common.
- the crowd kept wanting the guy's, especially Kyle to sing.  They didn't want to but Jay did start a "Happy Birthday" song for someone.  Kyle joined in.
- a question was asked about Nadia's appearance on the Stun magazine.  Kyle mentioned how in the photos that ended up on the magazine surprised Nadia.  How it wasn't what she expected.  (I've seen the magazine, it does look revealing ... I'd say too revealing.  I mean, Nadia is indeed a beautiful person, but I just don't see her doing something like this)
- Jay talked about his band and how he'd like to tour with them.  He mentioned about, schedule permitting, touring in the Midwest soon.  When he said that, I was like "YES!!!"
- Jay mentioned how old he really was and why he was leaving the show (Philip's character turnaround was what he said)
- right next to where the guys were sitting was a threllis type decoration that they had put up on stage.  Because of the winds, Jay had to put his arms around it to help it not blow away. {{{ Jay}}}

After the guys' Q&A, Linda, Tracy, Karen and I left to go to Burger King to have lunch.  When we got back, they were doing the auction.  After a while, we went in line for the autograph signing.  The four of us all had high numbers so we got down there pretty quickly.  Karen had commented to me how Peter's and Kyle's lines were moving along but Jay's seems to not be.  I mentioned to her that Jay likes to talk with the fans too :).  Linda, you guys were great up there.  :).  I had noticed that Jay had written something down.  The password?  It didn't look like he was signing his name ... I'm not sure.  Our turn came up and he had such a smile on his face.  I had gone up first.  I gave him the card that I did and mentioned how I hadn't given it to him Saturday night when I gave him the gift.  He said, "Thank you so much for that."  I brought an old book that I had from high school that I turned into an autograph book.  I wanted Jay to sign it.  I opened the book and I think he saw the writing under the page I created for him, he asked me, "What is this?" I said, "It's a book I have had since high school."  He was like, "WOW!"  I had given my camera to one of the girls there and we had our photo taken together.  (I need to do a little doctoring to our photo because; as I had feared, it came out blurry ... ). It's looking better though ... thanks to technology :). I told him to have a safe trip back and he said the same to me.  As I was leaving, I didn't notice that he was looking at the back of my jacket.  He then said, "What does the back of your jacket say?  Heart ... hot..."  I said, "Heartbreak Kid ... a wrestling reference of the wrestler that I like."  I looked back at him and we both smiled.

We got back outside and got things ready.  Spoke to Tracy ... Linda had gone back down.  Said goodbye and headed for home.  

WHEW!!!  What a weekend it was!!! It was great talking to you Linda.  I felt bad that I wasn't able to say goodbye to you.  I wanted to before you left Salem.  I got the photos back today.  I'm still working on the one of Jay and myself.  I will send it and the rest of the photos to be posted soon.

Hope that wasn't too long ... :).  Wanted to let you guys get all the details while it's still fresh in my head ... although, I don't think I'll EVER forget what happened Saturday night!!!